How to Email Text to an AT&T Cell Phone?

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Posted on: 05/09/18

AT&T email permits its users to send SMS and MMS via mail on the cell-phone. Commonly most of AT&T mail donít know how to use it or even some of them donít about this features. For new users, this feature can be surprising that they can send a text message via cell-phone. By using gateway carrier users can send AT&T mail as text on cell-phone. The gateway converts the email into the message. You can follow the steps given here. If you are confused then use AT&T customer care number 1-800-234-6190 which is always available for you. Users of this email can reach to tech support whenever they want.

Step 1.

Find the 10-digit number with area code which person you want to send the message.

Step 2.

Now login to the AT&T email account & save the message in a draft folder which you want to send. Ensure the message is under 160 characters because AT&T allows only 160 characters for SMS.

Step 3.

Use the attachment tool for media file attachment in your AT&T email. This message may include Video, audio files, and images same as an ordinary mail. The size of media accepted by the specific cell-phone.

Step 4.

Type the 10-digit phone number in the email address window before carrier gateway This procedure will work to send SMS. When you have to send MMS then enter the 10 digit phone number & as carrier use

Step 5.

Confirm that the number which you have entered is correct. Then press the button send. The sending message on the cell-phone is similar to sending an email. When you will use this method to send SMS or MMS on the cell-phone than the users will receive it as a form of text.

To rectify the userís problem there is tech support team with AT&T email. When the customers want to get help via tech support they can opt for AT&T customer support number. Customer care team expert will assist you in a proper manner to sort out the email problem. Their services are 24 X 7 reachable to guide their customers.


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How to Email Text to an AT&T Cell Phone?
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